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AISC Nonconformances – Help!

This article is the second in our "Help!" series. For our previous article, Quality Goals - Help!, click here.   We frequently hear from clients who have had their AISC audit, received nonconformances, and are overwhelmed by the corrective action process. They don’t know where to begin or how to go about responding. First, don’t panic!

Reflections on 15 Years of Atema

When asked to reflect on the past 15 years, Vice President Terry Logan had this to say: "There are many facets of this business that weren’t apparent when we first started. In the beginning, we would often see folks choose price over substance. Clients would choose a lower-priced competitor, only to find later they were

Erector Tripping Points – Part 2: Documentation and Tools

Welcome back to Part 2 of our series on Erector Tripping Points. In Part 1, we discussed the codes and criteria erectors should be familiar with to find inspection success. In this blog, we’ll discuss methods to document inspection, as well as the use of inspection tools. The way final inspection is documented is individual

Erector Tripping Points – Part 1: Codes and Criteria

We've begun to see a trend with some of our Erector clients. One of these is with inspection. Most erectors are still under the impression that “inspection is by the Owner” and they struggle with how to provide a qualified Quality Control Inspector to meet the requirement. There are several ways this can be accomplished.

Quality Goals – Help!

This is the first article in our "Help!" series, where we'll take the quality topics we get the most questions about and break them down so they are easily digestible. We often find people have trouble writing a goal that can be measured and documented. It's a challenging task if you're not used to setting

Retaining old documents in an AISC program

We received a question from a certified Fabricator about record retention: “We are going through and organizing our office and storage areas.  We have some older AISC Management binders.  These contained our management reviews, goals, safety meeting minutes, job minutes, training, supplier logs, etc. – basically, whatever documented our AISC procedures at the time.  Can