Tom Anderson

Technical Manager


  • SafeLand/Rig Certification, #PEC100747138
  • Certified Quality Auditor (ASQ)
  • Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST)
  • SSPC Bridge Coatings Inspector (BCI) Level 1 #110384
  • AGA Certified Galvanizing Inspector
  • SafeLand/Rig Certification # PEC100747138


  • BS in Geology – Boise State University
  • MS in Geological Engineering – University of Missouri Science and Technology

Tom Anderson is the Technical Manager for Atema where he is responsible for assuring Atema training, deliverable products, and interpretations a up to date and aligned with AISC and structural industry code requirements. He is responsible for Atema’s training courses by bringing all the extensive knowledge from the Atema team into professional training programs. Additionally, he uses his extensive and varied experience, knowledge of industry code, and ability to simply communicate and consult with structural steel fabricators and erectors across the United States who have become AISC Certified with Atema’s assistance.

Tom currently serves in the Army Reserves as a Major.  He has proudly served our nation for over 17 years as an Engineer where he was the commanded (CEO) organizations of over 180 personnel and had fiscal responsibility of over $55 million worth of property and equipment. He has served in Iraq for three deployments, has been awarded many medals to include two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. Over his military years he has gained extensive knowledge working in a fast-paced environment where he was able to incorporate multifaceted training plans into all operations that supported Iraq deployments and ensured core engineering competencies. He has overseen and implemented training programs resulting in a 100% operational readiness of a 750 person organization. He has served as a training consultant for National Guard and Reserve units resulting in 100% certification rate of trained organizations. His valuable military expertise has continued with him throughout his professional career where he continues to excel no matter the industry.

After Tom left active duty, he joined Devon Energy as an Assistant Drilling Foreman. Tom managed a $3800/hour fast paced drilling operation by organizing procedures and promoting safety to efficiently improve drilling times per well. He has successfully coordinated operations and logistics which has resulted in obtaining the record for the fastest drilled well for Devon Energy Corporation in the Anadarko Basin.

Tom received his BS in Geology at Boise State University and MS in Geological Engineering at University of Missouri Science and Technology.

Tom is currently a Certified Welding Inspector, Certified Quality Auditor, Bridge Coatings Inspector Level I, Construction Health and Safety Technician, and Certified Galvanizing Inspector.

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Atema offers:
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  • Project assistance: Our engineers and specialists can guide you through the process when you have new customers of projects.
  • CAR or DDAR resolution assistance: (You need some copy here.)