Quality Goals – Help!

This is the first article in our “Help!” series, where we’ll take the quality topics we get the most questions about and break them down so they are easily digestible.

We often find people have trouble writing a goal that can be measured and documented. It’s a challenging task if you’re not used to setting these kinds of business markers. We’re going to make it easier by taking a look at what the AISC Standard says and giving you our recommendations for compliance.

What The Standard Says:

1.5.1b Policy for Quality

(b) A quality management system that provides a framework for establishing, communicating and reviewing quality goals. Executive management shall establish goals to improve quality. Goals shall be measurable and documented through objective evidence. As quality goals are achieved, new goals shall be set that demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement.

Commentary: New quality goals can be a new level of achievement of a previous goal, or a new goal that has not been previously identified.

How can you comply?

A good quality goal does the following:

1. Identifies a quality-centric subject the company would like to see improved.
2. Identifies the means or methods the company will take to achieve improvement.
3. Establishes a current, measurable level of compliance/non-compliance and establishes a target level. These values may be defined in money, time, or a quantity.

To measure your goal, you’ll want to establish a way to collect data related to reaching your targets. You should be able to document this data and analyze whether it shows positive or negative performance towards the goal.

As with all things, a good quality goal takes time. Don’t rush into creating one that isn’t sustainable just for the sake of the audit. You may want to consider discussing goals with your team during a management review or staff meeting. Discussing quality efforts with the entire company will not only motivate and encourage everyone to adopt a quality mindset, but it may also give you some goal ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

Take some time to review your business and choose a goal that’s right for you. Doing so will not only keep you compliant with AISC requirements, but it will boost team morale when everyone has a collective goal they are working toward.

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