Reflections on 15 Years of Atema

When asked to reflect on the past 15 years, Vice President Terry Logan had this to say:

“There are many facets of this business that weren’t apparent when we first started. In the beginning, we would often see folks choose price over substance. Clients would choose a lower-priced competitor, only to find later they were shortchanged or downright cheated. This was incredibly frustrating because we knew that, despite having higher prices, our clients were getting a better quality and more substantial product.

As we’ve grown as business owners, we’ve come to realize that those clients always come back; whether it’s to completely revamp their quality system, or just to assist them with closing out nonconformances from an audit. It takes time to build a reliable process and your reputation, so although losing these clients was frustrating at the start, we feel more confident letting them go now. The best we can do is continue to offer the kind of service we’re known for and trust that our reputation for providing top-notch assistance precedes us.

Another facet of this business we didn’t anticipate growing was our international presence. Atema has been fortunate to participate in a number of industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, fiber optics, medical device, structural steel) and having been exposed to such a wide range of industries, our world travel has practically been unlimited. At one point, Atema had apartment housing on three different continents, in three countries, with personnel assigned in each location. International commerce is now the norm and we feel fortunate to be able to work all over the world.

Finally, and most significantly, is the luck we’ve had in adding a wide range of highly qualified people to our company. While our staff brings solid experience, education, and ethics, they also bring a rich gamut of personalities, beliefs, languages, and cultural outlooks. For a company like ours, having this kind of diversity on our staff has been the key to keeping us successful in all our endeavors.

Have the past 15 years been easy? No. Have they been worth it? Absolutely and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”