Weld Procedure

Specifications (WPS).

Creating or modifying a single WPS or a set of welding procedure specifications? Atema can help.

Up-to-date welding procedure specification (WPS) documents are crucial for every fabricator, contractor and erector — and Atema can help. We’re business consultants first. Your WPS documents will reflect your business needs as well as current industry and supplier standards — demonstrate welding code compliance for bids, project submissions and for certification audits.

Here's How It Works

We’ll create or modify welding procedure specifications to meet your needs

Our document designs make it easy to see and understand WPS requirements — no confusing language or unnecessary references back to the code.
Your input of welding processes, filler metals and joint designs are reviewed by Our Quality Specialists who have specific experience in the welding codes you need help with. They are PEs with welding engineering experience or CWIs with years of demonstrated experience in WPS code compliance.
We create new WPSs and supporting documentation or revise existing documents that are incomplete or not yet compliant.
We can assist you in preparing to run your own procedure qualification tests (for D1.5, D1.3, D1.4) or plan to come to your location to run them with you.

Partial listing of welding codes supported:

AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code


D1.3 Structural Welding Code—Sheet Steel


ASME Section XI (supporting piping and boiler and pressure vessel code)


AWS D1.4 Structural Welding Code—Reinforcing Steel

How can Atema help?

Atema can help you move into new markets and turn your entire Quality Management System into a performing asset that boosts the bottom line. We help you prepare for increasing customer demands and more complex projects.

Getting started is easy.
Atema can help.

What Our Clients Say

Fabricators, erectors and contractors know: Atema is the best AISC certification solution

When we started looking for certification assistance, we could not find anyone to help us with all the requirements.  One company could help with a bolt procedure, another with a welding procedure. Finally we found Atema and they were the only company who could take us through the whole entire process.  They understood all the requirements for certification and had the experience to create our system the right way.

Gus Weiland – Weiland Steel, Inc. Johnsburg, IL

… I want to say that I am impressed with the knowledge that  both of you have, and we are very happy with this final document. This is so much more practical and understandable than our previous version.  Also, I think that the management team has a much better overall understanding of what is expected from us to be AISC certified.

Margaret Wagner, Rast Iron Works

…Wanted to share with you the great news that during the last days of December we received the AISC Erection Certification (including both, Seismic and Metal Deck endorsements)! Thanks to you and to the Atema team we were able to prepare and go through this on-site audit with zero CARS!

JC Aguayo, President, SSW Engineering and Construction, LLC

Atema provided a quality service that is second to none. Their expertise, attention to detail, timeliness and dedication ensured our success in qualifying for our AISC certification.

Jonathan Eyton , Quality Manager, Hansen-Rice Inc. 

We contracted Atema to help us prepare a QMS for our upcoming AISC certification and they have exceeded our expectations. Our specialist went the extra mile in his research into our industries’ engineering and manufacturing standards to prepare our system and even taught us a few things about some industry changes. We are confident that with this QMS we will not only succeed in AISC certification, but we will turn out higher quality products with even fewer errors than before.

Drew Stevens, Ehresmann Engineering, Inc.

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