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Remote Skills Building Options

TEST TEST TEST: Content for Review

Quality Control Requirements of Chapter N


This course introduces requirements for a Fabricator’s and/or Erector’s Quality Control Program and their required Quality Control Inspector’s (those who inspect) responsibilities per Chapter N Quality Control and Quality Assurance from AISC 360 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings. The subjects of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, inspector qualifications, and Quality Control program requirements are reviewed with insights from other codes such as AWS D1.1 and the International Building Code.

The course is presented interactively with the participants where they create their own highlighted copy of Chapter N. Attendees will learn the responsibilities for inspection, Quality Control Inspector qualification requirements, and Quality Control program requirements.

Course Length
  • 2.5 Hours

Target Audience
  • QC Inspectors (those with inspection responsibility)
  • QC/QA Management
  • Project Managers

  • None

Major Topics

AISC 360-16 Chapter N

  • Introduction and how QC Requirements relate to the Quality Management System
  • N1 General Provisions
    • General Provisions and how projects can include CH N
  • N2 Fabricator and Erector QC Program
    • Quality Control Program Procedures & Requirements
    • How AWS requirements can affect requirements
    • Inspection Documentation
  • N3 Fabricator and Erector Documents
    • Documents required to be available
  • N4 Qualifications
    • QCI Qualifications
    • Weld Inspector Qualification Requirements
    • Bolt Inspector Qualification Requirements
  • N5 Minimum Requirements for Inspection
    • Weld Inspection Tasks (Before, During, After)
    • Bolt Inspection Tasks (Before, During, After)
  • N6 Approved Fabricators and Erectors
    • Certificate of Compliance

Flexible Services: 3-hour commitments to build core skills

Fundamentals of inspection

Who it’s for: Those new to AISC requirements or key personnel looking for refresher training.

What you’ll learn:

  • You’ll receive a review of the Certification Standard’s inspection chapter and AISC’s Chapter N qualification requirements for Quality Control Inspectors (QCI).
  • You’ll learn requirements for receipt, in-process, and final inspections as well as before, during and after final inspection tasks for welding and high strength bolting installation.
  • You’ll also review sample Inspection records and best approaches for documenting.

How your company benefits: Atema provides a training record – proof that a minimum review of AISC Chapter N and Chapter 13 of the Certification Standard has been completed. This contributes to your periodic AISC training requirements.

References: Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components AISC 207-20, Chapter 13 Inspection and Specification for Structural Steel Buildings ANSI/AISC 360-16, Chapter N Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Training on a single topic/section of the AISC standard

Who it’s for: Quality staff who need to focus on a single topic or chapter of the AISC certification program.

How it works:

  • Select any section of the Certification Standard and receive focused training that can help you improve your Quality Management System.
  • Also included: Related information from the AISC Governing Requirements or the appropriate AISC Supplemental Requirement.

How your company benefits: Specific information that can address a CAR (corrective action request) from an audit, customer or from an internal audit. This is also an ideal choice for a manager who is looking for targeted improvement. We recommend that you have your current procedure on hand for evaluation during the training. Popular topics for discussion include Material Identification, Purchasing, Welding, Bolting, and Inspection.

Fundamentals of addressing Corrective Actions and how to assess root cause and prevention

Who it’s for: Your staff who is leading the effort to address a specific corrective action or a manager tasked with process improvement.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover how Corrective Action identifies and eliminates profit leaks.
  • Learn the difference between a correction and corrective action.
  • Understand the requirements of recording a corrective action to make sure the root cause is fully understood and investigated.
  • Lean the “5 why” and “fishbone diagram” process with guidance for root cause investigation to ensure issues remain resolved.

How your company benefits: Understand how Corrective Action can identify and stop nonconformance while improving your bottom line with more permanent fixes.

References: AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel, Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components AISC 207-16-17, Chapter 13 Inspection and Specification for Structural Steel Buildings ANSI/AISC 360-16, Chapter N Quality Control and Quality Assurance Sessions can be customized to cover AASHTO/AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code instead of AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel

Fundamentals of interpreting welding documentation – WPS, PQR, WQTR

Who it’s for: Anyone who must interpret welding procedure specifications and qualification documents or has to review them for code compliance.

What you’ll learn:

  • Essential variables to check for.
  • Ranges allowed by code and AISC certification program requirements
  • How welder performance test parameters translate to qualification ranges.
  • Sample layout that is easier to read.
  • How to control copies in a quality management system.
  • What a welder needs to know to demonstrate familiarity and compliance.

How your company benefits: Understanding the use and purpose of welding procedures and qualifications of personnel is often a hurdle for every fabricator or erector. This training helps your team understand the purpose of these documents and how to manage them. This short version of a long training engagement might be just the right introduction to better decide on a larger plan if your firm is expanding or adding new welding processes.


AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel 2020

Fundamentals of weld gauge use for Welding Visual Inspection (Weld VT)

Who it’s for: welders and weld inspectors

What you’ll learn:

  • requires the use of gauges to measure.
  • short refresher on weld discontinuity size and weld size.
  • introduction to common structural steel industry gages VWAC, Bridge Cam, Contour, Taper, and Fillet Weld Gauges.

How your company benefits: This training will give you the confidence knowing your inspectors have the initial skills and knowledge to use the required gauge, and accurately report defects that need repair. The visual acceptance criteria from the AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code—Steel or the AASHTO/AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code are used for reference.

$1,375 for 3-hour remote services

Short-Term Engagements: 6-hour commitments to boost performance

Review your Fabricator or Erector Quality Management System for conformity

Who it’s for: Any company that wants to make sure its QMS is compliant with the AISC Certification Program.

What you’ll get: Atema will conduct a cursory review of your current Quality Management System for compliance to the requirements of the AISC 207-20 Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components.

  • We identify areas that fall short of meeting the requirements in a general way.
  • We may be able to identify areas that could benefit from less process steps or more controls.
  • We may share examples of different processes to accomplish the same goals that you see as an improvement.
  • We will discuss the results of our review during a web session. A formal report is not given with this training but is available with the Advanced Training option of this delivery.

How your company benefits: To learn if your Quality Management System is not only in compliance but optimized for your operation’s processes.

Training on three selected topics of the AISC Certification Standard

Who it’s for: Any organization with personnel who need additional training for multiple sections or topics from the AISC 207-20 Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components and related information from the Governing Requirements for Certification Programs and the appropriate AISC Supplemental Requirements.

What you’ll learn:

  • We will discuss AISC requirements for three topics such as Document Control, Inspection, and Nonconformance.
  • Streamline your understanding only where you want it so you can make your documentation easier to use.
  • Plain-English explanations and implementation examples.

How your company benefits:No confusing language or clunky requirements. Atema has seen what works and what does not work for a business of any size.

Review the requirements of AISC detailing and detailing standards

Who it’s for: In-house and subcontract detailers who have been tasked with revising or creating a detailing standard for a firm with an AISC fabricator certification program.

What you’ll learn:

  • How consistency in presenting dimensions, welding symbols and other information the can decrease error rates.
  • Incorporating industry software methods in a standard.
  • How to create standards that will ensure your drawing information is presented consistently with complete information for craft to execute their work.

How your company benefits: Small errors can cause tens of thousands of dollars. This offering can help you understand the requirements and importance of detailing standards.

$2,750 for 6-hour remote services

Advanced Engagements: 14+ hour programs to give your organization an edge

Full Atema review of your QMS for AISC Compliance (for simpler systems)

Who it’s for: Any fabricator or erector with a quality management system in place.

What you’ll get: An in-depth review of your Quality Management System documentation identifying not only non-compliant processes, but improvement to processes that may help you better satisfy more sophisticated clients.

How your company benefits: A fully documented gap assessment will be provided for this service and will detail the observations directly to the AISC program requirement. Use it as a punch list for immediate or future Quality Management System improvements.

References: AISC Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components, Governing Requirements for Certification Programs, Supplemental Requirements of the program you are looking to get certified towards.

Remote bootcamp covering AISC standard and references

Who it’s for: Personnel new to the responsibility for Quality Management System maintenance or implementation.

What you’ll learn: Our “bootcamp” training approach has helped companies understand the requirements and the certification process since 2002.

  • Plain-language interpretation of all quality management system elements of the program.
  • How the elements are audited.
  • What forms and records required and suggested for each element.

    • How your company benefits: This is a great choice if you are thinking about becoming certified or just want your people to better understand the AISC Certification Standard and program.

      Sessions led by quality professionals including Certified Quality Auditors, Certified Welding Inspectors and Educators, SSPC Bridge Coatings Inspectors, and Bridge Engineers.

Remote Quality Management System creation

Who it’s for: Any company that needs a Quality Management System developed.

What you’ll get:

  • Atema will create your Quality Management System using virtual meeting sessions, interviewing your personnel in your own office, or shop environment.
  • A flexible schedule that works for you and your people.
  • Compliant procedures for each element of the AISC QMS.
  • Sample required forms.

How your company benefits: With recent world events, budget constraints, and travel restrictions, an onsite creation of a Quality Management System may seem out of reach. Relax! Atema can deliver with our remote services offering.

Remote audit preparation

Who it’s for: Firms that have a documented quality management system in place.

What you’ll get:

  • Experience a review similar, yet more in-depth than an AISC digital/virtual audit.
  • Assess your Quality Management System against AISC’s Certification Standard for Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Manufacturing of Metal Components.
  • Once the assessment is complete, we will hold a follow up session to discuss any shortcomings discovered during the process.
  • Atema may also include impromptu training sessions if any deficiencies are identified during the assessment.

How your company benefits:.

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What Our Clients Say

Fabricators, erectors and contractors know: Atema is the best AISC certification solution

When we started looking for certification assistance, we could not find anyone to help us with all the requirements.  One company could help with a bolt procedure, another with a welding procedure. Finally we found Atema and they were the only company who could take us through the whole entire process.  They understood all the requirements for certification and had the experience to create our system the right way.

Gus Weiland – Weiland Steel, Inc. Johnsburg, IL

… I want to say that I am impressed with the knowledge that  both of you have, and we are very happy with this final document. This is so much more practical and understandable than our previous version.  Also, I think that the management team has a much better overall understanding of what is expected from us to be AISC certified.

Margaret Wagner, Rast Iron Works

…Wanted to share with you the great news that during the last days of December we received the AISC Erection Certification (including both, Seismic and Metal Deck endorsements)! Thanks to you and to the Atema team we were able to prepare and go through this on-site audit with zero CARS!

JC Aguayo, President, SSW Engineering and Construction, LLC

Atema provided a quality service that is second to none. Their expertise, attention to detail, timeliness and dedication ensured our success in qualifying for our AISC certification.

Jonathan Eyton , Quality Manager, Hansen-Rice Inc. 

We contracted Atema to help us prepare a QMS for our upcoming AISC certification and they have exceeded our expectations. Our specialist went the extra mile in his research into our industries’ engineering and manufacturing standards to prepare our system and even taught us a few things about some industry changes. We are confident that with this QMS we will not only succeed in AISC certification, but we will turn out higher quality products with even fewer errors than before.

Drew Stevens, Ehresmann Engineering, Inc.

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Whatever the reason, Atema can help your regular AISC audits occur on time, on budget and with minimum disruption -- all while delivering knowledge that can meaningfully transform your operations.

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Atema can help. We can show you how to make scope changes efficient and how to get the most out of them, embedding processes and a culture of quality that pays dividends on every job.”

Full-spectrum administrative and technical support

Atema offers:
  • Implementation assistance: Many companies find they need additional support to install new quality processes – and we’re here to help. We offer both technical and administrative support to guide your implementation process. 
  • Administrative support: If you've lost a valued assistant or your staff is not ready to take on a support role, we can help. Atema provides as-needed administrative support so you don’t miss important events or regular documentation requirements.
  • Project assistance: Our engineers and specialists can guide you through the process when you have new customers of projects.
  • CAR or DDAR resolution assistance: (You need some copy here.)