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AISC Certification.

The “T” in “Atema” stands for “Training”. Atema is a leader in quality training for the steel industry. Across both our standard training offerings and our custom packages, companies of all sizes rely on us for their certification-training needs.

Standard Training Packages

AISC Certification for Structural Steel Fabricators

The AISC certification requirements have changed. Whether you are new to AISC certification, or just looking for a refresh, this course is for you. Our trainers will dive into the requirements of the following AISC certification categories:

  • Building Fabricator (BU)
  • Bridge Fabricator (Simple Bridge, Intermediate Bridge, and Advanced Bridge)
  • Metal Component Manufacturer (CPT)
  • Hydraulic Fabricator (HYD)
  • Advanced Hydraulic Fabricator (HYDA)
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (SPE)
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement (FC)

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AISC Certification for Structural Steel Erectors

With the release of the Standard for Certification Programs, erectors may find there are requirements that are new and unfamiliar. This course will walk you through them, step by step. Additionally, our trainers will cover the following endorsements:

  • Certified Steel Erector (CSE)
    • Bridge Erection Endorsement (BEE)
    • Seismic Erection Endorsement (SEE)
    • Metal Deck Erection Endorsement (MEE)

$XXXX for X-hour remote services

QCI Training

Current certified AISC fabricators and erectors may have noticed the auditor looking into your QC Inspector’s (QCI) knowledge, education, and experience. This training is designed to support you to pass this part of the audit successfully!

Our QCI training is targeted for your company; in addition to your company’s inspection requirements, our trainers will go into greater depth on welding and bolting inspection and tie these inspection tasks to AISC’s Chapter N (Quality Control and Quality Assurance).

Our professional development and high-quality training event will include a certification for completion of training.

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Atema training is perfect for:

Union and non-union shops that need training
Firms new to certification
AISC program participants looking to train new employees or update personnel
Employees who want to familiarize themselves with AISC requirements
Anyone interested in applying QMS principles to fabrication and construction firms

How We Can Help

No matter what your certification needs, Atema has you covered

Custom QMS creation for your business
Certification application creation
Onsite field and shop readiness assessments
One-on-one or large-team training
Resolution of corrective actions from AISC
Remote support during your AISC audit
WPS, PQR and WQTR assistance
Ongoing support for routine issues

What Our Clients Say

Fabricators, erectors and contractors know: Atema is the best AISC certification solution

When we started looking for certification assistance, we could not find anyone to help us with all the requirements.  One company could help with a bolt procedure, another with a welding procedure. Finally we found Atema and they were the only company who could take us through the whole entire process.  They understood all the requirements for certification and had the experience to create our system the right way.

Gus Weiland – Weiland Steel, Inc. Johnsburg, IL

… I want to say that I am impressed with the knowledge that  both of you have, and we are very happy with this final document. This is so much more practical and understandable than our previous version.  Also, I think that the management team has a much better overall understanding of what is expected from us to be AISC certified.

Margaret Wagner, Rast Iron Works

…Wanted to share with you the great news that during the last days of December we received the AISC Erection Certification (including both, Seismic and Metal Deck endorsements)! Thanks to you and to the Atema team we were able to prepare and go through this on-site audit with zero CARS!

JC Aguayo, President, SSW Engineering and Construction, LLC

Atema provided a quality service that is second to none. Their expertise, attention to detail, timeliness and dedication ensured our success in qualifying for our AISC certification.

Jonathan Eyton , Quality Manager, Hansen-Rice Inc. 

We contracted Atema to help us prepare a QMS for our upcoming AISC certification and they have exceeded our expectations. Our specialist went the extra mile in his research into our industries’ engineering and manufacturing standards to prepare our system and even taught us a few things about some industry changes. We are confident that with this QMS we will not only succeed in AISC certification, but we will turn out higher quality products with even fewer errors than before.

Drew Stevens, Ehresmann Engineering, Inc.

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