Analyze and Optimize your Quality Management System

Atema will provide your company with a review of the methods and functions in place. We will then compare it to your quality manual and procedures along with industry compliance codes and standards. The resulting report will identify any discrepancies in your system.

Gap Analysis

Choose a gap analysis if you have just completed your quality management system documentation and have not yet accomplished full implementation or staff training. A gap analysis determines if there are major omissions in your documentation or if requirements are not addressed in your system.

The gap analysis report will:

  • Demonstrate if procedures have been identified and documented.
  • Show whether records have been properly identified and referenced.
  • Document the results of the critical questions for evaluation.
  • Fully determine the levels of implementation and how effective it has been.

Highlighted Projects

Johnson Street Bridge Replacement

Tanana River


Throgs Neck Bridge – OSD Deck Replacement –TN-49


Atema addresses quality concerns common in projects by assessing your organization or supplier’s capabilities.