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Quality Assurance/Quality Verification Inspection

Atema is prepared to fulfill this function as necessary. Staff selected can be AWS CWI’s or ASNT SNT TC-1A qualified at a minimum and may have additional qualifications such as CQA, CWB Weld Inspector, or SSPC Bridge Coating Inspectors.

Inspections can be scheduled to meet a specific percentage of physical inspection sampling in planned visits. A full-time inspector may also be stationed at the facility to provide full oversight of inspection processes and perform inspection sampling, receipt of material, and inspection reports that are part of project deliverables to the owner.

Atema is unique in how we support our inspectors in the field. Our engineers, lead auditors, Technical Manager and certified quality engineer are on call to interpret code and specification requirements for our people. Engineers and technical administrators support their record keeping and review reports for upload to client sites as necessary for project requirements. They are never “alone” in the field. An Atema inspector has amazing support standing behind them when they are assigned to your project.

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At Atema, we're not just dedicated to quality inspection and certification; we're committed to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and growth. As leaders in the realm of quality initiatives tailored to various industries, we pride ourselves on our team's expertise, dedication, and passion for ensuring project success.

Our journey has always been about more than just the projects we undertake. It's about the people who make them possible. That's why we're on the lookout for talented, driven individuals who are eager to make a tangible impact in the world of quality inspection, fabrication, and welding engineering.

By joining Atema, you'll be part of a dynamic team that values collaboration, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence. You'll work on transformative projects, engage with industry leaders, and be given opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.

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Atema addresses quality concerns common in projects by assessing your organization or supplier’s capabilities.