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Your Certification Questions, Answered

  • What is AISC certification?

AISC certification tells owners, design community, construction industry and public officials that certified participants have the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, and commitment for quality control and quality assurance. Learn more here.

  • Who do I need to hire to be ready to start this process?

Applicants typically worry about two positions – the inspector and administrative help for document control.

As an alternative to shop or field inspection, a lead fitter, welder or foreman can be trained to inspect per construction codes and AISC requirements. They do not need special certifications, just the knowledge and the recognition by the company that they can perform the work.

For managing new documents and records, consider training an existing administrator or assistant project manager. Atema can also provide temporary or project-specific technical administrative help to prepare for an annual AISC audit.

  • How involved do I need to be in the certification process?

AISC looks for management involvement but most quality management system work can be delegated and reviewed by leadership. Remember: Running your quality management system is not a one-position job.

  • How do I get ready to start the AISC certification process?

It takes motivation and energy to make certification a priority, but don’t sweat getting ready before we start our work with you.

Atema will hold your hand during the process; you'll get everything you need to run your quality management operation and see business improvement from the experience. All you need to do is put time aside for the process.

  • How much does it cost?

Getting an accurate cost requires a brief phone conversation with an Atema professional. We aren’t the cheapest in the industry, but our work is done right the first time. And remember: A solid quality management processes saves you money with reduced rework.

  • How long does preparing for AISC certification take?

There are several variables, but here are some examples: A fully remote certification prep can take up to eight weeks from start to application, and certification prep for the Steel Building Structures (BU) category can be accomplished in three to four weeks onsite with some initial remote work.

AISC’s application review and audit process can take 6-10 months after application. There are ways to expedite the process and some clients may accept that you are in the process of getting certified.

  • How far will Atema go with us on the road to certification?

We support you through the entire certification process, from helping you put together your QMS, preparing for an audit, training your staff, and more. Our solutions can help you at any stage of your certification process.

  • Does Atema guarantee AISC certification?

We'll give you all the tools to be successful, but we cannot guarantee certification. If you follow Atema’s guidance, you'll succeed in your certification efforts.

  • Does Atema handle problems during our AISC audit?

Atema can sit in during during certification audits or be available as a “lifeline” call during audit breaks to help you understand what the auditor may be looking for.

  • We're a small outfit -- how can we possibly do this?

In smaller organizations, it's common for one person -- maybe you -- to wear a lot of hats. Certification demands specific roles and responsibilities in some cases, but Atema has several strategies to streamline your processes and make juggling your roles easier.

Quality Control Requirements of Chapter N | 2.5 Hours

This course introduces requirements for a Fabricator’s and/or Erector’s Quality Control Program and their required Quality Control Inspector’s (those who inspect) responsibilities.

The requirements of Chapter N Quality Control and Quality Assurance from AISC 360 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings in relation to Quality Assurance, Quality Control, inspector qualifications, and Quality Control program requirements are reviewed and explained.

The interactive course leads attendees through creating their own highlighted and noted copy of Chapter N while learning the responsibilities for inspection, Quality Control Inspector (QCI) qualification requirements, and quality control program requirements.

OUTCOMES: Attendees will understand the responsibilities for inspection, QCI qualification requirements, and QC program requirements.

FOR: QC Inspectors, QC/QA Management, Project Managers


Quality Control Requirements of Chapter N | 2.5 Hours

This course provides participants instruction on relevant AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code - Steel inspection requirements and acceptance criteria.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of welding terminology, weld symbols, responsibilities, in-process inspection tasks, and final inspection criteria. The instructor will lead an interactive hands-on demonstration for welding inspection gauge use, where attendees learn the proper method for use of basic weld gauges. Attendees are introduced to weld discontinuities with visual examples to help learn how to determine acceptance or rejection of weld quality conditions.

OUTCOMES: Attendees will understand the in-process, final weld inspection responsibilities and weld inspection criteria to AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code – Steel.

FOR: QC/QA Weld Inspectors, QC/QA Management

PREQUISITES: Weld Inspection & Terminology Experience

Three Options For Certification Success


Face-to-face interviews, 

records development, 

training and prep.

Best for: The fastest comprehensive solution.


Sessions scheduled based on client availability, and can include as many staff members as you wish.

Best for: Schedule flexibility.


Teleconferences drive doc prep prior to the onsite visit.

Best for: In-person training with a streamlined documentation process.

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